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2 to 3 years

Toddler 2

$200 Weekly Tuition

Welcome to Toddler Room 2, where we embark on an exciting journey with our “Terrific Twos” – a stage filled with wonder, exploration, and newfound independence. At this age, children experience significant changes in their lives, and we are here to guide and support them through this transformative period of development.

As these toddlers assert their independence with the famous phrase, “I want to do it by myself,” we celebrate their growing sense of autonomy. Our focus in this room is to nurture self-help skills that lay the foundation for their future success. From sitting at the table to eat and using utensils during mealtimes to drinking from a non-sippy cup and venturing into the world of potty training, our dedicated team of caregivers gently guides and encourages each child on their path towards independence.

Beyond self-help skills, we understand the importance of addressing all areas of development. In Toddler Room 2, we place equal emphasis on:

  • large and small motor coordination
  • social and emotional growth
  • language development
  • cognitive skills.

These young learners continue to thrive and learn through the magic of play and hands-on activities.

Our classroom is thoughtfully organized into various learning areas, each designed to cater to different aspects of a toddler’s growth. The library corner sparks a love for reading, opening up a world of imagination and learning through books. Music takes center stage, where toddlers delight in rhythm and melody, expressing themselves through movement and sound.

Blocks and building activities foster creativity and problem-solving, as children explore the joy of constructing and creating. Puzzles, games, and manipulatives stimulate cognitive development, encouraging critical thinking and spatial awareness.

In the housekeeping area, imaginative play takes flight, allowing toddlers to role-play and imitate daily life scenarios, nurturing their social and emotional development. Art becomes an outlet for self-expression, as tiny hands create masterpieces that speak volumes about their unique perspectives and creativity.

Science and math area encourages curiosity and exploration, as children engage with simple experiments and discover the wonders of numbers and patterns.

In Toddler Room 2, we cherish the individuality of each child and provide a loving and supportive environment where they can flourish. Through play, exploration, and nurturing guidance, we empower our “Terrific Twos” to embrace learning, build confidence, and form lasting friendships. Together, we embark on a joyous adventure of growth, discovery, and delightful moments that shape the bright futures of our beloved toddlers.