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The most important goal of our early childhood is to help children become enthusiastic learners.  This means encouraging children to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts.  Our goal is to help children become independent, self-confident, inquisitive learners.  We are teaching them how to learn, not just in preschool, but all through their lives.  We are allowing them to learn at their own pace and in the ways that are best for them.  We are teaching them good habits and attitudes, particularly a positive sense of themselves, which will make a difference throughout their lives.

Creative Curriculum

The goals of Creative Curriculum in the Center are the following:

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To help children feel comfortable in school, trust their new environment, make friends, and feel they are part of the group.

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To help children experience pride and confidence, develop independence and self-control, and have a positive attitude toward life.

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To help children become confident learners by letting them try out their ideas and experience success, and by helping them develop learning skills such as the ability to solve problems, ask questions, and use words to describe their ideas, observations, and feelings.

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To help children increase their large and small muscle skills and feel confident about what their bodies can do.

The daily activities we plan for children, the resources used, organization of the classrooms and how we interact with the children are all the ways we implement the Creative Curriculum in order to give the children the skills they need to be successful in school. Children leave different at each stage in their life. Therefore, each of our classrooms focus on age appropriate learning.


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