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12 months to 2 years

Toddler 1

$200 Weekly Tuition

Welcome to Toddler Room 1, where our carefully crafted curriculum is designed to cater to the unique developmental needs, interests, and individuality of our 1- to 2-year-old explorers. We understand that this age group is bursting with energy and curiosity, and our focus is to create an engaging and stimulating environment that nurtures their growth and learning.

In this vibrant classroom, we celebrate the joy of play and exploration as fundamental tools for learning. Our young learners are encouraged to actively participate in a variety of play activities that promote their physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Large motor activities, such as running, jumping, dancing, and climbing, form an integral part of our curriculum, as they are vital for a child’s overall development.

Through hands-on experiences and guided play, our toddlers are introduced to a diverse array of activities. They can delve into the wonderful world of finger painting, where their creativity knows no bounds. Music fills the air as they joyfully explore the rhythm and melody, and they are gently introduced to the beauty of sign language, fostering early communication skills.

In Toddler Room 1, we believe in nurturing the inquisitive minds of our little learners. They are introduced to basic concepts such as numbers and colors, laying the foundation for future learning. Science activities are infused with fun and wonder, encouraging children to explore the world around them with awe and curiosity.

We recognize the power of books and storytelling in fostering a love for reading from an early age. Each day, our little ones gather for storytime, where they are captivated by enchanting tales and vivid pictures that transport them to magical worlds of imagination.

Outdoor play is an essential component of our curriculum, as we believe in the importance of fresh air, exercise, and the exploration of nature. Our enclosed play yards provide a safe and secure space for children to engage in active play. Balls, bubbles, and delightful experiences with snow during the winter months create treasured memories for our little adventurers.

Our outdoor area is also equipped with bikes, a playhouse, and a small slide, offering exciting opportunities for children to develop their gross motor skills while having heaps of fun.

In Toddler Room 1, we cherish each child’s unique spirit, and our dedicated caregivers provide individualized attention and support to nurture their growth and development. Together, we embark on a journey of wonder, discovery, and joy, laying the groundwork for a bright and promising future for our little learners.