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4 Year Olds

$200 Weekly Tuition

Welcome to our 4 Year Old program, where we build upon the foundations of The Creative Curriculum to provide a nurturing and enriching learning experience for our 4-year-old. At this pivotal stage, children are active participants in their own learning journey, driven by their innate curiosity and boundless energy.

In our program, we embrace a daily structure and routine that provides a sense of stability and security for our young learners. Within this framework, children are encouraged to explore, question, and interact with their environment, fostering a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

As they progress through this exciting stage of development, our focus extends beyond academic growth. We understand the significance of social skills in a child’s overall well-being, and our  program emphasizes the development of these essential interpersonal abilities. Through collaborative play, group interactions, and guided activities, children learn valuable communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

Our experienced and dedicated teachers are committed to providing a comprehensive and engaging educational experience. They focus on equipping each child with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful transition to school-age programs. By nurturing their cognitive, emotional, and social development, our educators create a solid foundation for future academic achievements.

In the 4 Year Old program, we believe in empowering children to become confident and capable learners. We celebrate their unique strengths and talents, fostering a positive sense of self-worth that will carry them through their educational journey.

Through a blend of play-based learning and age-appropriate challenges, our 4 Year Old program sets the stage for a seamless transition to elementary school. We take pride in seeing our young graduates embark on the next chapter of their academic journey with confidence, curiosity, and a passion for lifelong learning.