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6 weeks to 12 months


$200 Weekly Tuition

The curriculum in the Infant Room is set up to be developmentally appropriate and age appropriate for the children in this room. We focus on providing and implementing learning plans based on the needs, interests and development levels of each child in the classroom.

Infants rely on sensory stimulation for much of their learning and development. Young infants need talked to often, enjoy the stimulation of touch given by our Child Care Providers and need visual stimulation as well. In addition to the sensory stimulants, infants work on motor and speech development as they grow. A wide variety of activities are provided to meet the needs of the infants. Staff are trained in meeting the needs of the infants in their care and foster growth and appropriate development every day. Our staff focus on the infants ability to lift their heads, sit up, pull themselves up, crawl and walk.