Dragon Boat Race


***Due to the current pandemic, Wheeling’s Dragon Boat Race scheduled for August 29, 2020 has been cancelled.  We’ll see everyone in 2021!

Traditional Hong Kong style dragon boats are 46-feet long, with 10 seats and 20 people. A drum seat in front of the first two paddlers (seated beside each other) holds a drummer – you want the smallest, loudest, most rhythmic person you can find. A steerer (provided) guides the boat with the steering oar in back. These 22 people make up a dragon boat team. The stroke is unlike any other (the most similar is outrigger canoe) and taught in practice.

Register your team of colleagues, friends, church members, civic organization leaders, clients, or anyone willing to take up the challenge of seeking the title of Grand Champion! Get on the Boat. Make waves!

The Team – You’ll need 20 paddlers and a drummer to keep the beat of the stroke. Of the 20 paddlers, eight MUST be women, or your team will receive a 3 second time penalty. You may have up to 24 on your team, allowing up to three alternates. One experienced steerer/coach is provided. Don’t forget to give your team a name!

Team Captain – The team captain leads the effort to recruit the team and keep them informed about race information.

Team Co-Captain – The team co-captain helps and supports the captain. The team captain may assign the co-captain certain tasks to help with the process.

Registration Fee – $1,250 per team

Date – August 24, 2019

Team Benefits – On-water practice session, at least two heats on race day, company/team name on website, team announcements on race day, team building like none other, and a community event that grows in popularity each year.

For registration information please contact Jamie Remp at
Or call for additional details – 304-233-1114